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march in indian head park and burr ridge >>affair the resurfacing of michigan avenue got underway this morning-got a partner transportation as repaving from illinois all the way to oak street design and lake shore drive from oak to division one or two lanes will be closed throughout the project and c-dot city crews will use as little progress base as possible there will also be parking restrictions in certain areas as the crews repair the sidewalks and curbs the project is expected to last for mid november. nearly 55,000 senior citizens and cook county are missing out on property tax breaks that they're entitled to receive a new state law was approved last year the removed automatic exemptions for homeowners under 65 over 65 ... that means seniors must reapply for the exemption every year property-tax bills are expected to arrive next week and officials say that seniors should double check their bills and apply for the homestead exemption before paying their property taxes >>and one arrested and charged with a crime in the city of our rural will now live to pay $50 processing fe
and the administration abruptly fired the coach. five days ahead of the game with michigan, one of the greatest rivalries in the country, they fire their coach. they're infuriated by this decision. the expression of public anger took the form of one of those college sports moments that makes our executive, bill wolf cry at meetings when he tries to explain them. hours after coach earl bruce was fired, 150 members of the ohio state marching band marched to earl bruce's house and serenaded their old devastated coach with ohio state fight songs. ♪ the whole state of michigan ♪ we're from ohio >> coach earl bruce was not a man who wants to reveal his emotions.open with the band on his lawn. five days later ohio state traveled to michigan and somehow beat their arch rivals and the buckeye players carried coach earl bruce off the field on their shoulders. serenading leads to weeping, leads to upset victory and redemption. earl bruce's week in november 1987 was the standard in which tearful marching band stories must, must be judged. the best thing in the world is right up there with it. it's maybe even as
michigan. showers and thunderstorms reach all the way to the mid-atlantic states. later today, though, there will be a threat of heavy rain in pennsylvania and thunderstorms in the mid-atlantic states. the northeast will be hazy and humid. the northwest turns drier and cooler. >>> today is the last day of baseball's regular season and four teams are still fighting for the two wild card spots in the playoffs. as boston tries to battle out of its september collapse, rookie catcher blasted a home run off the orioles and the red sox pulled out an 8-7 victory. the sox remain tied with tampa bay for the american league wild card. >>> here in new york, the surging rays pulled off a triple play against the yankees and matt joyce hit a three-run homer to beat the yanks 5-3. if the rays and red sox are tied after today's final games, tampa bay would host a one-game tiebreaker thursday afternoon. the a.l. division series starts on friday. >>> in the national league, atlanta lost again, allowing st. louis to tie up the wild card race. philadelphia's hunter pence blasted a long home run as the phi
working to take over elections in michigan. you have an election where the amount of money spent and raised by the candidates is exceeded by a factor of 2-1/2 times by interest groups to the point where judicial election is complicated when you add the formula and have this increasing fear on the part of the public that justice is for sale and all this cash could be affecting decisions that hurt confidence in the courts. so i would love as part of the discussion if -- in particular if we are going to see more outside money coming in what we think about this in terms of trying to protect court. we know courts are supposed to be different. how do we make sure that is the case? in particular the rise in interest group money is making disclosure a profound issue for the courts in ways that ad to the system as we described. just as there are legislative and executive solutions to things around disclosure there could be solutions where a court is asked to step up and change rules. perhaps in a particular case the parties need to disclose particular information as part of the filing. wi
news "early today" in america. a michigan man is relying on surveillance video in his suit against two police officers who escorted him out of a casino. the video shows one cop punched the man in the face, knocking him to the ground where he continues punching him. assault charges initially filed by the officers were later dropped after the prosecutor viewed the tape. >>> in texas firefighters believe a bolt of lightning may be to blame for a brush fire on the site where the 200 4 movie "the alamo" was shot. it's scorched some 200 acres. >>> an underground gas leak set a road on fire in northern california last night. firefighters were called to the scene after a four-inch gas line set a major intersection ablaze, forcing traffic to be redirected and several nearby businesses to evacuate. fortunately, no injuries have been reported. >>> and finally, a controversial costume has stirred up hard feelings in florida. the ice cream cone costume was meant to draw customers to a newly opened store, but from a distance, some locals thought the cone looked like a klu klux klan hood. the young s
of michigan, his best friend, and those of us devoted to him in the haight ashbury area, who appreciated his steadfast activism and ability to really push buttons. i am sure that arthur will be missed. the next in memoriam is one i gave attention to a couple of days after it happened. the family is not getting the attention necessary. on july 17, a 20-year-old was shot to death outside his hayes valley home. this might have been one of the stories people scanned by in the newspaper if it was not for his family and friends. the seven tepees family organization deals with young offenders. they are stepping forward to make sure he is not forgotten and does not become another statistic on the homicide list. going june 16, 1991, he was one of the seven tepees success stories. he graduated from high school and was preparing to move to college in los angeles this month. he worked at abercrombie and fish as manager -- and fitch as manager. nothing got to him. employees remember him as a happy guy. he leaves behind his young son, three younger siblings, and his loving mother, who i have talked to sin
buena vida. ♪ >> en el centro deportivo en estado de michigan, se dedican a entrenar a niños para cle aprendan a lanzar, patear, subir estlograr mantener el balance de sus cuerpos, algunos de ellos tienen meses de edad, la meta es que los menores comprendan que hacer ejercicio cuanto antes es lo mejor para su salud. >> nos gusta hacer cosas que los hagan sentir bien, así que cuando enseñamos a los niños ellos decidirán y se mantendrán activos. >> esta madre se involucró porque piensa que es lo mejor para la salud de sus dos hijos que participaran en el programa de ejercicios desde muy pequeños. >> pienso ser parte de esto les ayuda a construir la confianza más rápido que a niños de su misma edad. >> no olvido cuando saltaba en los trampolines. >> sin embargo no todos piensan que someter a niños a un programa especializado de ejercicios a temprana edad sea lo más adecuado, y es que todavía no hay se sabe cuándo se cruza la línea de juego de niños o convertirse en una disciplina deportiva. >> ahora estamos viendo lesiones por esfuerzos deportivo que antes solo se veian e
in that monetary ass pile. but arizona is muscling in. and now michigan has passed a bill moving their primary to february 28 and florida wants to move theirs even earlier than that! now, florida going earlier makes sense. when your average voter is 93, every second counts. (applause) well, folks, south carolina voters refused to be treated like second-class citizens. state republican chair chad connolly told "u.s.a. today" "we're going to be first in the south and we're not going to share our date with anybody, especially a state that breaks the rules." yeah! south carolina has proven that unless you play by their rules they will take their state and go home! (laughter and applause) well, i say i say in all that campaign cash is attracting all the early primaries, let's make sure south carolina gets all that campaign cash by letting the cash decide the primary. just do away with the voting and give all our delegates to whoever spends the most money! on primary day, campaigns just hand in their receipts. (laughter) that way, unlike electronic voting, at least we'll have a paper trail. (laughte
? >> there is indeed a rebound. even though you see michigan has above average unemployment, some of the other areas of the midwest, you see unemployment near or even below the national average. that's being driven by manufacturing. >> ifill: actually something is coming back. it's just not now. other places are feeling the back wash of the same issues we've been talking about. >> that's right. >> ifill: okay. dante, the increased foreclosures, it seems to me in some way they must deal with some of the numbers we've been hearing about increased poverty. is there a connection? >> well i think that the increased foreclosures i'm not sure how much they're leading to increased poverty numbers but they're leading to the increased unemployment numbers. i think that it's hard for people to understand. foreclosures are bad in a lot of ways. they're a huge psychological factor in how you spend money. i go to these communities and visit them. you had an entire economy that was built on housing. so i did like carpent rework and somebody else did hvac work. we made a lot of money during the boom and we were tra
time criminal defense attorneys who work on michigan street. and if you get accused of a crime, those are the people you want to call. >> that's my approach. and they're both former public defenders, right? >> yes, they are. they are both former public defenders here in san francisco. without giving away too much of the story, there may be a return at some point to that particular office where they would, of course, be working for you. >> anytime. [laughing] there seems to be such a huge disconnect, you know, between what you see on tv and even what you read about. most of the tv shows like "law & order" you have a judge who's eminently fair, a prosecutor who is completely ethical, a defense attorney who doesn't show up half the time. these images really result -- i know this as a public defender, because the portrayals of public defenders are usually negative. why? i ask this to the entire panel. why is there such a disconnect between the reality of what really happens in our court and the way that many americans are force fed, really, this mythology? tony? >> i think in a corrupt so
, michigan home, ray and brianna scott are underwater. deep underwater. >> it's terrible. it's... it's not the way it should be. >> reporter: six years ago, they bought the house they're raising their two sons in for $132,000. but even with a slight increase in value in recent months, it's now worth only about $80,000. >> we're $50,000, roughly, in the hole. we're probably never going to get that back. >> reporter: not at this rate. the case shiller survey found that in 18 of 20 metropolitan areas, house prices have declined over the past year. only detroit and washington, d.c. have seen slight gains. what will it take for the housing recovery? >> why is there going to be a housing recovery? >> reporter: yale economist robert shiller, co-founder of the case shiller index, has tracked home values back to 1890. >> home prices are not high anymore but they're not low, either, by historical standards. so if confidence were to slip more, home prices could fall further. >> reporter: shiller's chart shows that, leaving out the housing slump during the great depression and the housing bubble
at some of the other news going on. a michigan man is relying on surveillance video in his suit against two police officers who escorted him out of a casino. the video shows one cop punched the man in the face, knocking him to the ground where he continues punching him. assault charges initially filed by the officers were later dropped after the prosecutor viewed the tape. >>> in texas firefighters believe a bolt of lightning may be to blame for a brush fire on the site where the 2004 movie "the alamo" was shot. it's scorched some 200 acres. >>> an underground gas leak set a road on fire in northern california last night. firefighters were called to the scene after a four-inch gas line set a major intersection ablaze, forcing traffic to be redirected and several nearby businesses to evacuate. fortunately, no injuries have been reported. >>> and finally, a controversial costume has stirred up hard feelings in florida. the ice cream cone costume was meant to draw customers to a newly opened store, but from a distance, some locals thought the cone looked like a klu klux klan hood. the youn
with a storm system that is off to the north and west, spinning its wheels over southern lake michigan. slowly trying to creep east. it is a slow mover. it does look that -- like that will get out of here as we head into the weekend. the rain will taper off and another part will sweep and and maybe keep the shower thread going. as far as precipitation, the rainfall totals are coming up from the south and west and pushing through. heavier downpours on the maryland-delaware border area. some patches of green in northern virginia. mostly light rain. scattered showers will be possible overnight even though we have seen some breaks in the cloud cover late today into the early morning. the potential is there for more clouds and an occasional shower. we are basically in the same weather pattern that will generate the occasional shower. temperatures have climbed into the lower 80's. kind of a summery feel to it. a wind out of the south- southeast. the front has slowed down but it is still generating showers. the moisture is being pulled up into the system off the atlantic. this will take a couple more
of people didn't like. >> especially michigan. michigan is a state up for grabs theoretically, you know, and that commercial resonates for me. >> i watch that commercial. >> i actually walked through the ford plant in michigan in -- with the ceo of ford and said why don't you run an ad about, you know, you didn't take the bailout. >> you're the reason. >> this is your idea! >> he said no, the american people understand that. literally said that a year and a half ago. here we are a year and a half forward and they put this ad together, charlie, they put this ad together, there's no doubt that they had the intention of running this ad. you don't put the ad together, put it out there and yank it quickly unless they get pressure from somebody. >> clearly, i would like to know who pressured them. that person should be pressured to resign. this takes it a little too far. we're in the middle of -- we're ramping up to the election, clearly they don't want this -- anything to prevent the president from losing -- losing michigan. michigan is a key state. if the republicans win that state, think
on the calendar but if more states go on the 31st including missouri or michigan or the others that are looking at it south carolina would need more time to move to tuesday and that pushes iowa to january 2nd. we will be looking at the responses and how the college football bowls went and counting caucus ballots. >>neil: we got word that new hampshire is moving the date to next tuesday. wild. good stuff. bottom line, suddenly this guy has gone from a changing spot in the polling results. >>guest: herman cain has always been the, i think i can, i think i $i know i can, the engine that could and in all of the focus groups he has come in first or second in the performance. so that is good news. and the key for florida, iowa is going for rick perry. new hampshire is going for romney. south carolina is going for perry. nevada is going for romney. florida is one state i can't call. it is too close to call. and for herman cain, this is an opportunity for him to breakthrough. but i have one question for the people who work for hilton hotels. are you going to refund me the money i put out when new hamps
pass the bill. >> it was a big deal when you remember, bart stupak the congressman from michigan, and pro-life guy and twisted and turned himself into houdini to be able to get in the box and vote for it and then didn't he lose? >> he retired, he retired. >> made the decision and retired and took one-- >> he knew-- >> no, no, decided not to run because his family had death threats. >> and we'll have more on "the five" right after this. ♪ >> welcome back to "the five." today, dr. conrad murray, michael jackson's doctor was in court and under investigation on his bart of michael jackson's death. and take a listen played by prosecutors, and this is michael jackson's voice and by the way jackson's parents and kids were in court while this was going on, take a listen: >> all right. let me correct that. it wasn't his kids in court. jackson's parents and siblings in court, but, guys, this really shows how bad michael jack was. and by the way, this is the doctor's tapes. >> that's what you just saw is, remember the commercial, this is or the ad, this is your brain on drugs, that's wh
where a hiker was mauled. the 59-year-old man from michigan was killed by a bear last month. park officials are doing some dna testing to try to link the bears to the attack. so far, no matches. >>> and there's a warning for bay area hikers tonight. a black bear may be roaming around marin county. >> now, while no one has seen this furry creature yet, there have been been evidence of -- left behind in the kent lake area in mount tam. mike sugerman with a closer look on what's been found. >> this is not a dangerous bear. i'm going to apologize if you are eating dinner. you will see. they found up in the hills i don't know you might call it bear pie. and they haven't seen that for a long time here. [ no audio ] rouse well, they found bear droppings. they call it bear scat for scatological, that kind of thing. they are droppings that had bear -- [ louding ] >> reporter: thank you very muchthey found bear droppings i the hills. there haven't been one for hundreds of years. they found one a decade ago probably coming down from sonoma looking for a little action. two people found the dr
, on your outfit today. here is from marry in michigan. "wow! you look so sexy this that black and red. are you italian?" >> bob: yes. >> andrea: sue in south carolina says where did you get that horrid outfit? you need a wardrobe consul stant. a republican to teach you how to dress. >> bob: greg. >> andrea: from texas, is beckle in the senior version of west side story in that red third and suspenders? from our own bill hemmer let's auction bob's shirt off. >> eric: bill paid a buck but overpaid. >> bob: we could auction off bill's suit and pay for an entire healthcare operation have you seen his suits? he has the most expensive -- well, next to you. by the way, you are the only person i know who pays $400 for jeans. and they have holes in them. why is that? >> dana: you paid $400? >> bob: holes in them. >> eric: reflecting -- deflecting the wardrobe for what it will be tomorrow. do i get it for the whole hour? producers say full hour i can put you in whatever i want. >> bob: wear $400 jeans and show everybody what they are -- nobody else knows. >> greg: he should go shirtless with su
that we harvest later on this week at powerful northern wind lake michigan when and expected to produce 18 ft. waves in the next couple of days not right away but the kind of wind that will bring the chill in later this week. probably the chilliest region of the country wind blowing north northwest humidity at 94% keeps nighttime temperatures up high mold spore count pollen low today model shows waves of ran right on through 12:30 p.m. tonight and morning rush hour tomorrow in the neighborhood with an occasional heavy shower indicated by the yellow showing up their flashes of lightning to the east and north not so much in our area but this thing about ready to spin itself in our area at least. by tomorrow early sprinkles this will be gone and we will be done with this where the rainfall has been heaviest western suburbs have been very hard hit continuing to grow today rockford up over 4 in. dekalb county at totals. here in chicago at a storm total of about 1.8 in.. powerful wind gust part of the day today. here in the city it kind of, earlier today. the view from the northwest suburbs. 54
. harry, michigan. caller: we have a president, a strong president that has been fighting hard to do these things. the first time that our president, barack obama, stepped into office, mitch mcconnell and john von declared war on him. we have a president that is working hard. republicans keep bringing down the country, because they want the country to fail, because we have a strong president that was doing the right thing. the tea party really wanted to do something that was the american. and american jobs plan, putting a million people back to work in six months. that is all that they have to do. they have to stop following mitch mcconnell. these guys have been in the house for over 50 years. host: here is an e-mail from a viewer that questions the premise of our question, or the ."estion from "usa today "who said the government is broken. broken and how? stephanie, good morning. caller: first, the government is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. we are supposed to recognize that the government is for the people. [unintelligible] can anyone tell me that
. >> this is where it is strong party chairman comes in and is tough on this. you'll remember back when michigan and florida tried to jump ahead and our primary season and according to the rules, everyone voted on in the democratic party voted on, that they would lose their delegates. now, someone has got to -- for this not to be a train wreck, a strong party chairman has to say if you move, there will be punishment for it. this is chaos on their side. i root for chaos on their side, fwhut is ok but this is chaos on their side. i was in an important state. it is an important state for organizing and getting in. if barack obama had not done well in iowa, he may not very well be president right now. it catapulted him. >> another reason to discount the iowa caucus. the republican convention is in florida. so they're going to have a hard time disqualifying florida delegates to the convention held in florida if they want to show up and not have the doors barred. >> you never know. they might close the bars early and we couldn't have that. here is something to look at tonight. we showed our poll earli
until october 14th. >> sean: what? >> you have until october 14th, the michigan filing deadline. >> sean: i'm not sure if i'll make it, but i appreciate your vote of confidence. we'll be looking for your column in "the journal" thursday. and we'll be looking at your penny plan, congressm thanks. >> let not your heart be troubled. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, if your job review was this bad, you'd be fired. gallup las a government job review. here it is -- most ameri
14th, the michigan filing deadline. >> sean: i'm not sure if i'll make it, but i appreciater
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out there. he said, my father's governor of michigan, i knew that. how about, would you like to go up to mackinaw and stay in the governor's mansion with my family. >> mary madeleine says there is no right answer to which approach to a campaign is the right one. >> every wife, every spouse, be clear, this is not a agenda r r issue. has to behave in a way that feels authentic and sustainable to them. >> while it's fun to compare wo wives on the campaign trial, madeleine makes the point that momentum michelle obama's style of campaigning makes any of the spouses look tame. >> we're also keeping a close watch on the trial of michael jackson's doctor. stand by for the latest testimony and sanjay gupta will tell us what he has learned from talking to conrad murray's defense team. >>> and america's military top rafts. they're refusing to back down after making a controversial link between pakistan's spy agency and a terrorist group. nc. a flurry of powder there. what if there was a makeup that didn't just hide your breakouts... but actually made them go away. neutrogena skin clearing makeup
last weekend in the straw poll in michigan, for instance, the majority of tea partiers supported my effort. that's good news for me. i've got the largest -- the plurality of the tea party votes in michigan. that's probably true in new hampshire, as well. and the polls aren't accurate at this stage, but i'm getting good support, and i've got a lot of very conservative folks supporting me and people more towards the middle and across the spectrum. >> you know, eric erickson, red state, obviously conservative website. eric writes this, and you hear a lot of chattering out there from conservatives who say at the end of the day, it's glaringly clear that romney is not one of us. talking about the conservatives. and he isn't the best candidate for this position. as rick perry said the night before, he's obama-like, but we need something to articulate the case against. he finished by saying romney fired more people than he hired in the private sector. let's start with the last charge first and go back to the bigger question about you and the conservative movement. did you fire more people
chairman of the energy and commerce, distinguished gentleman from michigan, mr. upton, is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. in 1963, there was a great train robbery in england, at the time, the largest heist ever, and because of the cleverness, the legend continues. the take was 2.6 pounds, that's about $7.5 million in 1963 dollars, and now we have a modern day train robbery. there's a great heist of over half a billion dollars and possibly even willing collaborators, maybe even co-conspirators of the u.s. government who rushed out a $535 million loan to solyndra. .. no, we are not. in 2009 cylinder was the very first company to receive the department of energy loan guarantee funded with stimulus dollars. the company was touted in statements by the president of vice president secretary of energy as a model for the governments investment in green technology. and now less than two years later, solyndra has filed for bankruptcy and was raided by the fbi. ion to stand that are two witnesses today, mr. harrison and mr. subto intend to invoke their right under the f
says, but what i have waiting back for me from the old days, 1991 in michigan, they have had to step up. i think that they have captured it. is it 1% or 2%? over a period of time? a decade? it seems to me that this is also, going very big year, an opportunity for a great deal of creativity. that never happens in this world. in washington you could not get that the state legislature very easily. screaming for a package, it is the popular vote at that point. there will be a lot of things that people will not like, -- , but the point behind asking is what carries giving you a annual budget for each of them next 10 years, but some baseline amount. at some agencies, i would say that that should decline each year we have time bella to get this 17th century shropshire into the 21st century by mean there is so much opportunity here. but no one is in charge. the special committee has an opportunity. once the responsibility is fixed, the direction is set. i think you have your miles and some company and for research and the benefit of going baby and bringing other people into it there is a space
out. host: fript michigan, good morning. caller: good morning. i'm taking that book from a different perspective, "that used to be us." and we used to be our unto the lord, god, jesus, but now we've gotten away from that. you're talking about china. china is on top for a little bit. but we'll get back to christ and god. we're not going to -- because god made -- and he tears them down. so the point of "that used to be us," we used to be a godly nation. we've gotten away from that. so bank on that. guest: well, we don't really say too much about religious faith. in fact we don't say anything about it in this book, and religious faith is an important thing and important in the united states. but i would mention one old saying in which most americans are familiar, which i think is relevant to the theme of this book and relevant to american renewel and that is god helps those who help themselves. host: the united nations meets again tie discuss the bid by palace for statehood. we're going to have live coverage of that starting at :30 a.m. eastern time in about 20 minutes. tom, i wanted to
a model. >> again, our ten finalists, alia from michigan. >> very cute. beautiful. >> look at the twins! william and harrison from georgia. >> double your fun. >> come on. adorable. that counts as one, by the way. abby from new york. and look at andre. >> oh, look at andre. he loves dad. >> he sure does. >> good boy. >> and we have berkeley. gosh, looks like a grown-up. she's a grown woman. >> she's ready for the big screen. >> she is. >> oh, come on. >> coen. >> i could die. could you not die? he does look like he should be delivering the newspaper. you guys, those are our ten finalists. here's the deal. starting today, you are going to go on our facebook page and vote. you're going to pick of the ten we have to narrow it down sadly to five. those five are going to come here on the "today" show and they're going to be part of a modeling segment for little babies. >> baby models. very nice. >> we're going to pay for the trip and all that. i want to give a shout out. last night i went to this thing called women's night out. albany, new york. a great breast cancer event at the ellis medic
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